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RevasOS Release Notes

The following release notes cover the most recent changes of RevasOS systems and services.

December 1, 2023


  • FEATURE User App Enhancements: Timezone and Locale Settings: We introduce in the user profile new settings allowing users to set timezone and locale preferences:
    • These settings will be applied globally in RevasOS, enhancing linguistic and geographic localization of services.


  • FEATURE Organization Profile Photo Management Now, organizations can upload a profile photo to their RevasOS profile.
    • Users can manage uploaded photos in a dedicated media folder, providing a more personalized and organized experience.
    • The profile photo will be available and visible across all RevasOS Services

November 3, 2023


  • FEATURE Multiple Time Entry Insertion: We introduced the ability to insert multiple time entries (attendance or absence) with repeat rules:
    • Users can automatically create entries by specifying a single instance and defining the repetition schedule, days, times, and end date.
    • Available seamlessly on both mobile and desktop platforms.
    • Ideal for setting up recurring entries or mass input of leaves and other time-related data.


  • FEATURE Contact Deletion: We added the option to permanently delete contacts in RevasOS Contacts.
    • Deletion removes the contact from the list and search results.
    • Provides a streamlined approach to managing your contact list by eliminating unnecessary entries.

October 20, 2023


  • ANNOUNCEMENT Three new advanced website themes: We're introducing new versions of Minimal, Clear and Journal website themes that will enhance the websites already using them. At teh following links yiou can find real-time previews:
  • The new themes have enhanced features for better web perfomances and management:
    • Support for the new managing system: These new themes will natively support the upcoming version of our RevasOS Websites, scheduled for release later this year.
    • Full advantage of new features, such as:
      • embedding YouTube videos,
      • adding custom code to implement personalized solutions, such as newsletter forms, analytics tools,
      • advanced styling customization with style injection,
      • refined designed with improvements to layouts, mobile responsiveness and user feedback,
      • new blocks to build pages, such as grids, columns and linear layouts.
  • In our commitment to providing you with the most current and secure web solutions, all previous themes will be gradually discontinued.


  • FIXED Invoices from next month appearing in exports: We've fixed a pesky bug that was affecting the export of invoices that were showing invoices from the next month, ensuring that you now have a smooth experience when exporting your invoices. No more frustrating issues when viewing invoices from the previous month, giving you confidence in your financial records.


  • FEATURE Faster Export for All Contacts: We've turbocharged the export process for timesheet entries across all your contacts and time periods. Now, you can generate reports for huge amount of time entries, collecting data for any amount of contacts and in any time span you decide, saving you valuable time and allowing you to make better-informed decisions.
  • FEATURE Receive exports in your email inbox: We improved the export experience with a new way of receiving the exported file: instead of waiting for the operation to finish, now the export will be created and sent to your email when ready. This way, you can ask for any export you want without blocking your workflow because of the wait.