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Integration with invoices

Both Invoices and Reimbursements deal with the financial aspect of an organization in RevasOS so they are closely integrated in order to make sure no information gets lost when transfering to different departments. The integration between Reimbursements and Invoices is carried out through the automatic creation of invoices when a Reimbursement admin approves an expense record. This makes so that the Inovices app can keep an up to date record of the financial flow of the organization even accounting for internal flows of resources. The created invoice will be pre-filled with the expense report's infos like: associated contact, budget line and detail separation and will be presented as To be paid.


In the created invoice single expenses in the Reimbursements app will correspond to the single invoice details and will maintain all the data input in the Reinbursements app. if you want to know more you can read the understanding the invoice/detail system page.


If you want to know more about managing invoices inside RevasOS you can read the Invoices app guides.