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Certified timestamps

A certified timestamp uses advanced tecnologies and the Internet to guarantee the autenticity and validity of the timestamp so that it can be used as an official record. The certification process ensures that the timestamp has not been altered or tampered with after it was recorded, providing a level of security and trustwothiness of the data. By using certified timestamps organizations can have confidence in the accuracy of their data and assure fairness when computing worked hours.

There are various technlogoies used to create certified timestamps vith differirng levels of security.

QRcodes and NFC tags

QR codes and NFC tags timestamp certification work both by assuring the phisical presence of the user in proximity of the workplace the QRcode or the NFC tag are linked to. When scanning a QRcode or tapping a NFC tag on the workplace the system automatically sets the workplace parameter in the timestamp in RevasOS. Both of these systems allow for a great ease of use by the users as well as the admins.


As of today many manufacturers do not include NFC scanning capabilities in their smarpthones, hindering the use of NFC timestamping.

GPS timestamping

The use of GPS geofencing technologies allows for a high level of certainty about the autenticity of the timestamp. When clocking in or out of a workplace the geolocalization of the user which can then be compared to the workplaces. It is considered to be more reliable compared to other methods because it ensures the actual presence of the user in the workplace.

Digitally signed NFC

NFC technologies can also include a digital signature that makes it so that the NFC tag that needs to be scanned is not reprogrammable or clonable. Timestamps created with this level of certifications are to be considered as highly reliable.


The use of Bluetooth technology in this field is fairly recent and relies on the surrounding Bluetooth devices' IDs to reconstruct the users proximity to the workplace at the time of the creation of the timestamp.


All the methods of certifying a timestamp require access to the Internet.