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Developement roadmap for Timecards


The roadmap presents the features that were positively evaluated during the technology assessment process. The roadmap may be subject to major changes, or even be totally eliminated and replaced, and should not be regarded as a list of planned and certain features.

Live presence

All people who have clocked in at a workplace can be displayed, giving a complete view of who is present.

Access portal

With the access portal, you will be able to install a device at the entrance to the workplace to allow clocking in and out even for those who do not have a smartphone. Simply assign an access PIN to enabled employees, with the entry of the PIN they can clock in and out of the workplace.

Integration: timesheets and work shifts

With the integration to the human resources and work shifts system, you will be able to check the correspondence of time stamps with the actual shifts of each employee. Any time stamps that are inconsistent with shifts are flagged as abnormal.