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Manage super admins


In order to use this part of the system you need to be a super admin. If you do not have access to the Admin app please contact us via

In this page you will find informations on how to add the super admin privileges to your collaborators on RevasOS. This way you will be granting them the gihest level access to RevasOS configurations for your organization.


Please reaad our roles best practices page beforehand to make sure that you are only giving the needed permisions to your collaborators.

Adding the super admin privileges

Before you begin:

If you want to add the super admin privileges to a collaborator you must have already added the collaborator to your RevasOS organization, plese follow the add collaborators quick start guide before continuing with the next steps.

To add the super admin privleges to a collaborator simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Admin app in your RevasOS environment;
  2. Using the left-side navigation bar move to the Collaborators section;
  3. Select the collaborator you with to add the super adin privileges to;
  4. Click on the Edit button on the left-side card;
  5. Tick the This collaborator is a super admin box on the pop-up card;
  6. Click on Save chages;