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Understand hours balance, contract hours, actual hours, presence hours and reported hours

These infos are displayed hour-reports for each resource.

Contract hours

Contract hours are all those hours either defined in the employment contract or estimated on a project contract. They allow a quick view of the hours that the contract defines for a resource during the period of interest.

Actual hours

Actual hours are all hours entered via timesheets that are not absences that may or may not have an indicated work location. They allow you to see a total of all the resource's hours.

Attendance hours

Attendance hours are all the actual hours that have a linked workplace. They allow to distinguish between the hours worked remotly and in office.

Reported hours

Reported hours are all those recorded hours to which a task has been linked. They make it possible to identify how many hours were spent on the assigned tasks of a resource.

Hours balance

The hours balance is the difference between actual hours and contract hours. The hours balance indicates how many hours of work have been recorded compared to those defined by the contract and allows the identification of any excess hours or missing hours.

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