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Create new elements in a timesheet

This guide will show you how to quickly create new events in the "My time entries" view. An event is a time entry that has a start and end date and time.
If your organization has already enabled Timecards integration, each timecard stamp becomes an event in the "My time entries view".

Before you start:

To be able to add a new event to the calendar view you need to have already created an organization in RevasOS and have the necessary roles and permissions to create and edit elements in the timesheet. For more info you can read the roles and permissions page.

Create a new time entry in the "My time entries" view

  1. Open the Timesheets app in your RevasOS environment;
  2. Click on "My time entry" in the left sidebar to open the time entries view;
  3. Click either on "New attendance" or "New absence" from a desktop device or the "+" button on a mobile device and select either "Attendance" or "Absence";
  4. Input the event data (description, start and finish time, workplace and absence type if applicable);
  5. Click "Save";

The new time entry will appear in the list.

Download the smatphone app (optional)

To know how to download the mobile app please read the download the mobile app guide.