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Understanding how projects are handled in RevasOS

When you enter the Projects app's Dashboard you will be met with a list of projects categorized as All projects and My projects it is important to understand what is meant by each of those categories. This categorization is intended to help you navigate between what you specifically need to do and what the organization as a whole is currently working on.

All projects vs my projects

The All projects view allows you to see projects that might not contain tasks assigned to you. This is helpful if you want to take a quick glance at the genral workflow of the organization. The concept of My projects might be more difficult to understand as it is intended in RevasOS. In this section you will only see projects that have tasks assinged to you, regardless of who created them. This means that if you have created a project and have not assigned at least one task to yourself you will not see it in this section. This is an expected behavior since the concept of a personal project is not supported by the system.


If you have the need of managing personal tasks you can do so by using the Tasks app available in the RevasOS Store.