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How-to view a project's workload

With this guide you will learn how to quickly see the workload of a project.

Before you start

In order to be able to follow this quickstart guide you need to have an organization in RevasOS and be a contributor with the necessary permissions. You can find more infos in the roles and permissions section.

View workload


To be able to create a project you will need the Projects app, if you haven't already please install it from the RevasOS Store.

  1. Open the Projects app from the RevasOS environment;
  2. In the Dashboard select the project of which you want to generate a report of;
  3. Click on Workload in the left sidebar:
  4. If you want to see a different time frame, select an option form the drop-down menu on the top right;

Contacts included in the workload

The workload of a project includes all contacts that have at least one project task assigned to them. Note that hours of tasks assigned in other projects different from the one selected are also computed in the sum of the hours.