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How-to view a project's report

With this guide you will learn how to quickly view a report of a project.

Before you start

In order to be able to follow this quickstart guide you need to have an organization in RevasOS and be a contributor with the necessary permissions. You can find more infos in the roles and permissions section.

Generate a new report


To be able to create a project you will need the Projects app, if you haven't already please install it from the RevasOS Store.

  1. Open the Projects app from the RevasOS environment;
  2. In the Dashboard select the project of which you want to generate a report of;
  3. Select Report in the left sidebar;
  4. Select the type of report you want to generate, the filter and the time frame;
  5. Click on Generate report;

Tasks include in the report:

Only tasks that have a start date, end date, and an estimated hours are included in the report's calculation of hours.