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How-to create a new task

With this guide you will learn how to quickly add a new task

Before you start

In order to be able to follow this quickstart guide you need to have an organization in RevasOS and be a contributor with the necessary project creation permissions. You can find more infos in the roles and permissions section.

Create a new task linked to a project


To be able to create a task linked to a project you will need the Projects app, if you haven't already please install it from the RevasOS Store.

  1. Open the Projects app form the RevasOS environment;
  2. From the Dashboard select the project you want to add a task to;
  3. Click on the + New task button on the top-right corner;
  4. Insert the title of the task;
  5. Assign the task to one of your contacts;

In this phase you can also choose to include the task in one of the project milestones and add a time frame for the task;

  1. Click on Save if you want to go back to the task view or Save and edit to keep editing the task and add the estimated workload.


The task is included in the workload report calculation only if it includes a time frame (start and end date) and the estimated workload.