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Project planning

In the Planning section of the project-specific dashboard you can manage all the important aspects of the project-related tasks, to keep track of what needs to be done and what is in the works.

Before you start

In order to be able to follow this guide you need to have an organization in RevasOS and be a contributor with the necessary project management permissions. You can find more infos in the roles and permissions section.

Task view

In RevasOS tasks linked to a project by default appear in the project-specific dashboard categorized by teir advancement status but can also be filtered by due date or by assignee by choosing your preference in the drop-down menu on the top-right corner.

Task status

A task in RevasOS can be marked by four different advancement statuses. This allows for a quick glance at the different stages of all your project's parts. The statuses in RevasOS are:

  • Todo: for tasks that need to be done but are not yes being worked on;
  • In progress: for tasks that are being worked on right now;
  • Backlog: for tasks that will eventually need to be done but are not jet planned;
  • Done: for tasks that have been completed;
  • Expired: for tasks that have not been completed but have passed the due date;

To change the status of a task follow these steps from the planning view in the project-specific dashboard

  1. Locate the task you wish to apply changes to;
  2. Click on the task name to enter the task editor;
  3. Click on the current status and select the desired new status;
  4. Click Save;


Tasks assigned to a contributor can also be managed directly by the contributor in their Tasks app.

Task editor

To access the task editor you can simply click on Save and keep editing when creating a new task or click on the task name form the Planning section in the project's dashboard. In here you will be able to add details such as:

  • Time frame: by inserting the start and due date to a task you will be able to see it in the calendar and in the report of the project;
  • Workload estimate: this info will be used to see the workload of the asignees of the task as well as in the report of the project;

Milestones managment

In RevasOS milestones are to be thought of as a logical container for your tasks so that you can better manage them while keeping a clear overall vision of the outcomes of a .

View project milestones

To see all the project milestones from the project-specific dashboard click on Milestones in the top-right corner.
From this page you are able to see all the project milestones and the corresponding tasks allowing you to quickly glance at the milestone progress.

Create a milestone

To create a milestone from the planning view in the project-specific dashboard

  1. Click on Milestones in the top-right corner;
  2. Click on + New milestone;
  3. Insert a title and an optional description;
  4. Insert the starting and due date;
  5. Click Save;

Add a task to a milestone

When creating a task you can add the milestone it belongs to right form the task creation pop-up. Otherwise from the milestones view you can click on + Add task to this milestone button in the desired milestone section of the page.

Delete milestone

If a milestone for a project is no longer needed you can delete it following these steps:

  1. From the project-specific dashboard click on the Milestones button;
  2. Click on the edit button on the side of the milestone's name;
  3. Click on Advanced options;
  4. Click on Delete milestone;
  5. Insert DELETE in the text box;
  6. Click on Delete milestone;