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Viewing and managing workloads in projects

The Projects app in RevasOS allows you to quiclky and effectivley manage your resources workloads, making sure that tasks are allocated in the best way possible. This works thanks to the integration of the RevasOS apps Human resources, Timesheets and Projects.


To be albe to use this feature you must first have created a new resource in the Human resources linked to a contract with a workload.

Assign workloads **⭐️**

In order for resources to appear in the Workload view they must have at least one task assigned to them which needs to be complete of a time frame with a due date and a workload estimate. To assign a project related workload to a resource follow these steps:

  1. From the project's dashboard create a new task. To do so you can follow the create a new task quick guide;
  2. Click on Save and keep editing;
  3. Insert the start and due date;
  4. Insert the workload estimate;
  5. Click Save;

You can also modify exsisting tasks by following these steps:

  1. Locate the task you want to modify in the project-specific dashboard;
  2. Click on the task name;
  3. Insert the assignee, time frame and workload estimate;
  4. Click Save;

View workload status

To view a current workload status of a project simply follow these steps:

  1. Select Workload form the left sidebar;
  2. Select the preferred view with the top-right corner drop-down menu;

From this page you can quickly see all the resources involved in the projects and their workloads. The colors on the page make it easy to see if resources have too many tasks allocated to them relative to their workload.